Life is a circle. 

Memories of his childhood: carrying his Dad's camera bag, helping him with lens and films, spending his weekends at weddings. 

He didn't like it, He wanted to be free, He wanted to be out in the garden playing with his friends. Yet slowly He did rediscover the passion for photography. He never imagined that one day He would find such enjoyment holding a camera.

Edo Zollo is a 42 years old photographer from London, UK. He focuses on street life, with London streets and events his main subject. His work can now be seen across the internet, thousands have viewed his photos, both through the power of the internet and recommendations.

Edo intends to use 2016 to embrace new adventures, working as a freelance photographer, always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities.

You can find out more about Edo Zollo on his latest interviews on:
Timeout London Magazine and 500PX

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